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Helping yourself in the journey through life.

India is a beautiful country. There is so much in it and so little at the same time. All depends on what you’re looking for.

It’s similar to our life here on the Earth.

We can see what we want to see, and we create our reality in a shape that our mind supplies us with.

How about looking into your heart?

Do you know that your heart is your wisdom? Are you connected to it?

Do you follow what your heart is whispering?

Our ego is much bigger and louder that our heart. Ego speaks to us more often and demands immediate actions. Heart speaks gentle and with love. we know when we are attuned with our own wisdom life is better. Sometimes it’s easy it follow our heart, but most of the time it’s very challenging.

How do you cope with your life challenges?

Which tools do you use in order to create what you want? - Positive affirmation? - Praying? - Going to the nature and contemplating? - Meditation? - Run/exercise? - Seeing a specialist/coach? - Catching up with best friend? - Call your mum/dad? Please let me know what you practice.

I will also share with you my thoughts and practices in a new post. With gratitude xx

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