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Perfectly imperfect

We all always want to improve something, learn new things, deepen the knowledge.

If that comes from a natural feeling of the need to know because of curiosity or eagerness to explore and understand life - that is a great motivation. But most of us have this deeper neediness to learn and improve that usually comes from the fear "I'm not good enough".

If you can - take few moments now. Go deep into your heart and ask yourself "Do I feel good enough?"

I can share my answer with you now.

I did not feel good enough in some departments of my life.

In my case one of them - it was the English language.

My speaking was always good. I'm not a shy person and can talk to anyone and about most things.

But if it comes to writing I'm stressed and worried that people will judge me because of it.

I'm worried that they might think "oh, she can't express herself properly, how can she be a good coach?"

Well, just a couple of weeks ago - after a great feedback from my client - something has released inside of me. I finally felt freedom from worry of being judged.

I decided to start my blog. First time in my life.

I felt called up to share my experience with you.

You may like it or not - it is a freedom of choice that we all have. and also I will never know if you like it until you leave a comment.

I am letting go of the fear.

I am the power within.

I am perfect as I am now.

You! yes, You - feel free to follow what your heart is asking you to do! the rest will follow!!

With blessings


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