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"Marta has a special and rare gift of being able to tune-in to people, help them heal, while providing a safe space for listening, empathizing, sharing and understanding what is important in our lives as we unfold in these times of transformation. I highly recommend her gentle yet gifted way."

- Giles Hutchins, thought leader, business adviser, author and keynote speaker.

“I found Marta at just the right time in my life. I'd experienced a very sad pregnancy loss quite late into my term. Marta helped support me through my healing process by balancing my energy – it was an incredibly soothing experience & gradually I found my energy return and the grief soften. I felt my connection with Marta was significant – I felt the strength as a healer and the experience was always very personal. Marta is a wonderful kind & compassionate person who has found her natural calling!“

- Gemma

“I was introduced to Marta through a friend. I had been recovering from a corneal ulcer and was looking for an alternative route to help me. That’s where Marta came in. Working with her helped me strip the layers of barriers I unconsciously may have created due to personal reasons. I feel a lot calmer and more free-spirited about life. I feel I can let things go and have learnt to be in the now and to just be. Healing touches your soul and reaches you direct to allow the energy to flow evenly. Its like re-charging your batteries...Marta is god gifted and would recommend her to all my friends!" - Neeru

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